Kuih Lapis 九层糕 (Steamed Layer Cake)

This is one of the famous food from Malaysia.You
can take it for breadfast,afternoon tea or even supper.My children love it!!


Orange Chiffon Cake 香橙戚风蛋糕

Apple Cheese Cake 苹果奶酪蛋糕

I think it's very interesting when saw this recipe on website.I tried the recipe and it taste great.Bottom is biscuit crush with cooked apple in middle,then cover with creammy cream cheese.


Apple Pie 苹果派

I used sweet crust for the pastry and the filling is cooked apple mixed with cinnamon powder & some dry fruits.This dessert taste delicious with a scoop of vanila ice-cream.
Rmb60 for 6" round tray (delivery charges)

Apple Walnut Cupcake 苹果核桃小蛋糕


Pandan Favourite Cupcake 香草小蛋糕

This is pandan cake with butter cream and little flower decoration

Rmb10.00 each
minimum 1 dozen (12) not include delivery charges