Curry Chicken

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zazooka 说...

Hi, i'm a singapore student studying in shanghai, fudan university. we are organising an international event for our school and we saw your blog post on curry puff and it looks simply delicious. Is it possible if we can bulk purchase from you certain amount of curry puff for our event? thanks!

Tan's Family Update 说...

Hi,sorry for late reply.Thanks for your support.Rmb3 each,minimum order 100 pieces,3 days in advance.I am staying in Pudong Zhajiang,so there will be transport charges.There is nother way,we can meet up somewhere close to subway station.Thanks again

zazooka 说...

hey! thanks so much!

how can i contact you by the way? do you mind emailing me at
biao1234@gmail.com so that we can correspond thru emails?

thanks so much once again!